Thursday, February 21, 2008

So I finely figured out how to get music on my blog, took me long enough.

Jeff got home on Sunday and as I was driving to the airport to get him, he calls me. "Hey Brit, what doing?" "Oh just on my way to the airport" I say. Pause "why are you doing that?" "Well I thought you would want a ride home" is my reply. Jeff says to me "no need I'm driving myself home, remember?" I totally forgot. The week before that I took him, and picked him up from the airport. I'm am so LAME sometimes. ahrrg! where is my brain? Anyway, we met at his parents house for a birthday party for Paul (Jeff's dad). We were all so excited to see him. Morgan was waiting for her surprise (which wasn't a surprise she specificaly asked for a stuffed animal) she said to Jeff before he left "I would really like a squirell." Jeff is so nice, he tells her he will try and find something she's never seen before. I would have said "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" What a nice Daddy. BTW he got her a camel, way funny.

I hate when he's gone but I loves when he comes home!!!!

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LindsSawyer said...

Great to see you yesterday too! I am jealous you will be hanging out on the beach this weekend in Hawaii! You look great...I would be showing off your 2 hour per day gym bod at the beach in Hawaii for sure! Have a great trip!