Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life is Good!

I haven't posted since we got home from Hawaii so here is what we've been up to for a the past little while.....

Xander turned 4 years old on March 19. He chose to have his birthday party at Classic Skating, and wanted to invite everyone he has ever met (including his "Best Friend Fred' who's about 50 and lives in Seattle). I need to thank everyone that came, it was super short notice and I think almost everyone he asked was there. The next day we left for St. George (Jeff work's down south once a month) and luckily the weather was great!! The kids and I were able to hang out at the pool while Jeff was at work and I got to see my sister Lindsey and her cute family while we were there.

On April 8 2008, Morgan lost her 1st tooth! She was so excited to have a loose tooth that she kept asking for carrots and apples "Cause they make it looser". She came up to me out of the blue and said "I'm ready, pull it out!" 1...2...3...YANK...loud crying..."did you get it?"..."Yep, sure did"...then a lot of laughter. She said she hoped the Tooth Fairy would leave her a pony. What??? Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy is lame and forgot to come 2 nights in a row, but guess pony just a lot of money cause she felt pretty guilty.

Then it was back to St. George, this time Jeff had work and a tennis tournament he was playing in. He won his first match but didn't go on, awwww that's okay he'll get it next time.

And last but not least, Porter had his first "Pine Wood Derby" race, and he was the big winner!!!
there were about 16 cars and every race his car was in, he came in first. He and his dad spent a night making the car and I'm sure you will agree it is pretty good looking ride. Great job Porter!

Well that is a recap of what has been going on, and I just have to say, life is good!


The Lund Five said...

When Landon got his tooth pulled the tooth fairy forgot to come the first night. Then the tooth fairy forgot the 2nd night, but remembered at 5:00 that morning. She kicked her husband out of bed and he went and took care of the tooth and left Landon $1.00.

pms said...

Oh my gosh... are you and jeff competing in a Body for Life competition or what? You guys look awesome! You are both totally cut and defined! You have abs! I am so proud of you.

Who is "Fred the best Friend"? That's not uncle Fred is it? Because he isn't 50, he's like almost 80!

I know I say it every time, but Xan looks exactly like Jeff did as a little boy, it just freaks me out how similiar they look.

What an achievement to win the Pine Wood Derby, and in a HIGHLY competitive place like a Utah ward! Scott went online and bought the "secret manual to building pine wood derby cars", they placed, but I don't think Cooper ever got a first place. Sometime this year our ward is having a pine wood derby where anyone, regardless of age or gender can enter.

Love the Mo tooth story and the bloody photo.

Love you guys.

Tonii said...

Brittany, your blog is darling and I can't wait to get to know you better! What a fun family you guys are!

Chelsea said...

That pic of Morgan is classic:)

Let's get together again soon!